Sun & Moon Photography

Photography through a Native Eye!

Our Mission

~Sun & Moon~

We take pride in our own Native American heritage that makes Sun & Moon Photography stand out from the rest. We deliver the feeling of what is seen by the naked eye and hold true to our goals and beliefs.


Our Vision:

~Photography through a Native Eye!~

We are taking Sun & Moon Photography in the direction that provides our clients with the inspiration to live life to the fullest. To carry those treasured memories with feelings, through the rest of their lives, because of our photographs.


Our Values:

~Reflection of who we are and what Sun & Moon stand for~

  • Loyalty

We are a family whose heritage bonds us to the passion that drives our very soul to be the best choice for our clients.

  • Quality

We take pride in our photographs and care about the precious moments in life for each of our clients.

  • Integrity

We are strong willed to achieve and have high standards that we strive to exceed.

  • Trust

We work together to provide more talent, creativity and skill for each of our clients.



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Our History

The strong foundation of Sun & Moon Photography is a highly driven passion with the heritage of it’s own Native American ancestry. By adding and combining a Norwegian touch to our fold, we’ve added to our heritage pride which has grown in each one of our photographs and is the driving instincts that makes Sun & Moon stand apart from the rest. Our photographs are displayed with honor and have been published in many articles, advertisements, magazines, brochures, social media, websites and more. Our photographs have been used by the Michigan Quarter Horse Association, Mill Race Historical Society, Northville Times Magazine, Serpent Bite Whisky, Jack Doheny Company, Meridian Weekly Newspaper and local chambers, to list a few. Our photographs also hang in many homes and businesses, including being used as personal and business screen savers. Sun & Moon Photography takes pride in the expertise of our photographs and they can always be seen and purchased from our home gallery by scheduling a viewing appointment.

Sun & Moon Photography is made up of a two photographer team that works every shoot together. This provides more talent, ideas and creativity for each of our clients. We both have been taking pictures since we were small children and it grew into a life passion for us. We enjoy our work and the ability to bring feelings into the pictures you look at. We care about making the memory last through our photos and we pride ourselves in every shoot we do.

Sun & Moon Photography carries a Native American heritage which created our logo and motto of “Photography through a Native Eye!” Sun & Moon found its name through the love and passion of the owner, when her beloved gave her the name Minsologmane. Correlating with her Native American heritage she proudly took the name and translated it to English meaning Sun & Moon.


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