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Expressing the Elements of Life with Photography through a Native Eye!

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LeeAnna Woods ~

My Native American heritage lives through my photographs and in everything I do. My passion for photography started at a young age with my parents and although taking pictures with my father and mother are now, all but a distant yet, warm memory, I feel their presence through Sun & Moon in each picture I take. Through the love and appreciation they taught me to have for life and my dreams, I’ve grown to see life differently. Feeling the pride I hold for my heritage when I’m shooting outdoors, with animals, nature and more, is always a reminder to me that my parents live on through my photography.

Starting so young, I got to experience developing my film in a darkroom and all of the creativity that comes with it. Over the years photography has advanced and my darkroom is now gone but the pleasure of being a photographer is still exciting and the creativity never fades.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed the wonders of life around me and the magnificent gifts this world has to offer, which I enjoy capturing in my photographs. I finally have the pleasure of sharing and expanding my business with a special person that holds the same desires and passions as mine. To reflect my heritage and the love of my life, I renamed my business to Sun & Moon Photography, “Photography through a Native Eye”. I still believe the best way to capture all the memories of the beauty that life has to offer is through photography.









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Trent Jakus ~


As long as I can remember, I’ve always seen things differently than most people.  I discovered at an early age that I had an eye for taking pictures.  It started as a young boy, when I would carry a 110 camera in my back pocket everywhere I went.  Back then, I did not think that I would ever have any of my photographs published or hanging on the walls in peoples homes.  Actually, I never took my photography seriously until I received the guidance and support of another.  Since then, many of my photographs have not only been published in different magazines, advertisements and brochures but they’ve also been purchased and are now hanging in the homes of many people today. My love for being outside, in nature and capturing all the beautiful things I see, makes my photography fun and gives me the ability to share it with all of you.  Being a part of Sun & Moon Photography has broadened my views and challenged my skills.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the things I see as beautiful.  Enjoy!


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