Sun & Moon operates in a simple and easy manner. Our rates are based on our time given to the particular photo shoot, not the type of shoot being done. We eliminate the confusion of offering different packages and the stress of the extra fees for types of shoots, number of people, changing of outfits and so on, to provide our clients with a relaxing and simple photo shoot. We also list our rates to make it easier for our clients to compare prices and get what they really want.



Contact us with your desired photo shoot. At which time we will schedule a time to meet and/or a date for the shoot. After the photo shoot, proofs will be shown for ones to be selected, then selected photographs will be processed with S&M logo and delivered. The length of time for downloads and processing depends on the size of the photo shoot.


Payment Method:

  • 50% down when scheduling the contracted photo shoot. (non-refundable)
  • Remaining balance due at time of shoot.
  • Payment Types:
    • Cash – in correct amount, photographers do not carry change.
    • Check – made payable to: LeeAnna Woods
    • Card – processing fees apply:
      • $0-$100 = $5.00
      • $100.01-$150 = $7.50
      • $150.01-$200 = $10.00
      • $200.01-$250 = $12.50
      • $250.01-$300 = $15.00
      • $300.01-$350 = $17.50
      • $350.01-$400 = $20.00
      • $400.01-$450 = $22.50
      • $450.01-$500 = $25.00



  • $150.00 / first hour
  • $75.00 / each hour after
  • $75.00 / download and processing fee per shoot
  • Mileage – applies to photo shoots with travel in required. The fee varies depending on distance traveled for the photographer.
  • Charges – applies to photo shoots where photographers are charged to do the shoot. (ticket cost, entrance fees, etc.)


1 hour shoot = $150.00 plus Mileage and/or Charges if applicable.

2 hour shoot = $225.00 plus Mileage and/or Charges if applicable.


What You Receive

Each photo session receives:

One –  CD, flash-drive or an email with the images selected from the reviewed proofs.

One –  Certified Company Authorization Certificate releasing authority for copying purchased prints with S&M logo intact.